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Does anyone know how to live in your car and drive for uber? VIPLANE

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it can be done but it’s really unhealthy. if you live in the US then here’s my advice..

first join planet fitness.. get the black card membership so you have unlimited access to everything including showers, hydro beds, hydro lounges, and ,massage chairs… they have free wifi.. couches you can relax on.. and tables you can work with your laptop or whatever.. plus they have charging ports and ac outlets.. amongst tanning beds and everything else.. this will help you have a place to stay clean and stay relaxed and decompress.. I would suggest using the place overnight as most are 24-7 while some are 24-5… almost no one is there.. very peaceful and relaxing when it’s mostly empty.

then come up with a system to keep your laundry separated dirty from clean. you can either drop your laundry off at a managed laundrymat where they will do your wash for you or you can save money and do it yourself which would be a lot cheaper but take a lot of your time.. Walmart sells bath towels for 2 and change and face clothes for 80 cents.. they are so cheap you can throw them out and buy new ones as needed.. obviously have a bath bag for all your shower and dental needs.. pf is also a good place to use the bathroom on the go at night too..

second is to figure out a place to park your car without being bothered.. interstate rest areas are the best for this depending on where you live.. you’re not out of the ordinary sleeping there at any time during the day or night.. get yourself ear plugs if noise is an issue.. make sure you get the right ear plugs or they won’t seal and won’t work and they will be uncomfortable..

look for cheaper phone service alternatives if you are paying a ton of money for phone service.. a good plan should be under $60 a month unlimited and some plans are as cheap as $30.. plan on eating out almost every day.. the price of the restaurant is up to you.. just figure this.. however long you were going to drive push for 1 or 2 more rides to pay for your eats each day.. then you won’t feel so bad about how much you’re spending on food because unless youre hitting up mcdonald’s and the like.. it’s going to run some money to eat decent outside of fast food.. maybe treat yourself once a week to a steak or something..

if you have an older car make sure you have towing service like triple a.. if it’s newer youre ok for now but the mileage will accrue fast so be prepared for brakes and tires and oil changes.. and plan on cleaning your car as much as possible.. get a sheet that you can lay on to protect the interior.. because living in your car can cause body odors from sweat etc.. and you don’t want your pax knowing you live in your car.. it’s embarrassing and in some ways not very clean..

last but not least keep some kind of defense in your car.. pepper spray.. a good close range knife.. a gun., whatever is legal and know where it is and how to use it competently.. you probably won’t ever need it but you never know.. thats my advice for the moment..

Attn Uber-Lyft… see what you do to drivers out here with your bs earnings allowances.. pricks

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