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Got a 1 star the other day... for the wrong reason VIPLANE

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Your choice of an electric car also is contributing to your problem, because your downtime is long while your charging, your rushing to make as much as money as possible before your needing to recharge.

On the other hand I have a slow truck, I think about what else I can get done the next run I get into town, not zipping all over the place like some race car driver.

And because I’m online a lot longer, 18 hours a day, only requiring 10 minutes to refuel, I catch all sorts of great trips, resting in between trips at home, on my comfy bed, not in a tiny matchbox at the charging station.

I keep telling people EV’s are not quite ready for full time ridesharing, but like nobody fscking listens.

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Personal insurance if Renting Tesla from Uber VIPLANEPraise God I just got a real job. Goodbye Rideshare at least for now VIPLANE

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