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I may have figured out why Uber does the most infuriating thing for Trip radar VIPLANE

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I just figured this out, but some of the sharper knives here may have a long time ago….

We all hate trip radar because uber is knifing us in the back by pitting drivers against each other. But what I feel is really twisting the knife is when you tap on a radar trip and get the “We’re checking to see if you are the best match” message.

Whaat? Are you kidding me. I tapped before any other driver… I accepted the trip for your shite pay, and now uber you’re telling me you’re gonna think about it? What criteria are you using to determine if I am the best match?

As Sebastian Maniscalco says, “Why Would You Do That?”

I figured out why. I believe that since the upfront pay scheme was introduced that Uber is building profiles on every driver. As in, what pay is the driver willing to work for? I suspect that what is happening with trip radar -at least some of the time- is that uber is throwing out the ride to x number of drivers, AT DIFFERENT PAY OFFERS, and then waiting a few moments to see who bites while it plays the best match message. The ride then goes to the driver who accepts the lowest offer.

Did everybody else already know that uber is pulling this insidious crap? I had never thought much about it before. Fairly new to trip radar.

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