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Invesigating a switcheroo ride | Uber Drivers Forum VIPLANE

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I think what’s happening most (all?) of the time is we are being switched to a pax who chose Lyft Priority. I confirmed this with one pax who I got switched to. She had a hard time getting picked up, and was switched on several times, until she chose Priority.

And from her POV, she understandably thought the other drivers were canceling on her before she chose Priority. I quizzed her, and she said didn’t get any notice a driver had canceled, just another name/car appeared on her screen.

I think when a Lyft driver Cancels on a pax, the pax app shows something to indicate this -?? As opposed to just a new driver appearing as matched. Same with driver app, when a pax cancels, the driver app stupidly doesn’t indicate anything, the trip just goes away, doesn’t it? But when I get switched, the app speaks and tells me “Passenger updated….” and gives me some kind of lie like “Better rated passenger…” or something to make it seem that Lyft is doing me a favor with the switch. Bullshit. The reason I get switched is because they switched me to a Lyft Priority pickup.

I will have to ask more pax to see if Priority is the common denominator.

Meanwhile, I’ve been experimenting, trying to avoid the Switcheroo. So far, I have tried turning off Requests as soon as I get matched, but No, this does not appear to stop the Switcheroo.

Now I’m trying to see if forcing Arrival will stop the Switch. I can’t imagine this stupid company will Switch when the driver has “Arrived” and the pax app indicates this to the pax. So far, no switches, but I wouldn’t put anything past this stupid company….

If I have a “Stay in the area” filter on, so far the Switch respects this boundary, and will not match me a pax going outside of my area. But we’ll see…

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