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issues with booking deliveries then not being offered anything VIPLANE

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For the last week anytime I book a future Walmart delivery, between when I say yes I’ll do that and the appointment time I’m not getting any new orders tossed in my direction. I’ve spoke to support 2x. One on the phone and one in a video chat. They said they opened a bug and “added my name to the list” which implies to me this is a known issue. Today there was an update to the app. I had hoped they fixed it. I accept a 4pm delivery for 22 bucks at 210pm. Have not had anything sent my direction since and I’m in the middle of a red hot zone. The only thing that seems to be sent to me are shitty offers on the trip radar.

Also side note. Maybe lots of people accept these, but driving 40 min 20 miles for 5 bucks is insane. Folks need to tip and tip more. But the lack of tipping by certain communities of people is crazy. I wont deliver in certain parts of my county bc I know that certain groups of people just don’t tip, they are all super rich tech folks and don’t tip. It’s mindblowing

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

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