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NEW Rideshare service in Las Vegas called FARERYDER VIPLANE

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The MLM ones are a dead giveaway. When there’s blue haired ladies promoting how great it’s going to be, how many more red flags do you need?

I’m seeing one recently that is obviously a pipe dream – I think it’s called “Superior One Transportation Riders Express” being promoted in an Uber driver Facebook group. The name just rolls right off the tongue, right?

The guy even posted a copy of the contract he has with the software developer. ? I think he’s agreed to pay $40k for the software. And he’s trying to raise funds just for that part. That’s not taking into account any operating expenses (servers, marketing to drivers, marketing to riders, regulatory fees, insurance, basic staff to handle customer service, tech support, accounting, etc). He said he’s already “handing out business cards” promoting it to his Uber riders. That’s right, he’s still driving Uber while the software is being developed – instead of figuring out his business plan and getting regulatory hurdles handled in preparation for launch.

On that one, I truly think the guy is clueless what it’s going to take to get up and running. Some woman even posted asking for her $5k investment back (she claims he said she could ask for it back at any time) and last I knew he wasn’t responding.

Watching these happen is like watching a slow motion train wreck.

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