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Praise God I just got a real job. Goodbye Rideshare at least for now VIPLANE

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Anyone who gets a job I get very happy for and pray for myself and everyone else to get a good normal job and hey if you want to do rideshare on the side so be it. It finally happened for me hallelujah!!!!!!!! It’s been so long since I last got hired I was getting worried I would never get hired again.

Good luck everyone. My guess with Las Vegas rent and utilities going up and up I will still be working rideshare some days but not the grueling everyday inhaling of carbon monoxide, 2nd hand cigarettes from the car in front, and the occasional almost died today road rage incident.

For anyone who wants something else the world series of poker os hiring like crazy right now for cashiers, attendants,chip runners and dealers. This is also my “second job”. Uber “third job” when needed. Lmk if anyone needs a reference if they r looking into dealing and we can work some stuff out …. thanks

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