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Question on deductions | Uber Drivers Forum VIPLANE

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There’s 3 answers here.

1. The IRS can START an audit up to 3 years back. From the due date of that years taxes or your filing date. This is looking at what you have filed and “correcting it” and charging yu money and starting an investigation if they feel like it.
2. CRIMINAL tax fraud can go back 6 years, that’s anything involving jailtime.
3. CIVIL tax fraud they can take your money and or ruin you financially, but not throw you in jail going as far back as they can prove.

So in your case for criminal tax you have already gotten away with 7 years ago.

So what you’re looking at is criminal charges for everything including your 2016 tax year.

According to what I can see, the penalty for willingly not filing/commiting fraud is 75% of the amount you are defecient by.

So let’s say you owed $5,000 per year. That’s $30,000 X 1.75 = $52,500. Plus whatever you owe for 2022.

So the question is..

What can they prove?

If they can prove that under the tax code that you owe money you’ll have to pay it.

If they can prove you willfully didn’t file in order to screw uncle same you’re in deep shit.

Will they go after you?

That is a better question I can’t answer. I’m not an IRS agent looking at your file.

You might want to inquire with a tax attorney and get ahead of the problem, file your old returns and have the attorney kiss the IRS ass for you and try to settle for less than you technically owe.

The IRS WILL Let you file returns for years past.
The IRS WILL take accept your check for what you owe.
If you start the process they WILL be more leniant, and less likely to file criminal charges.

If you the Kissing the IRSs ass route that $30,000 you would have owed from filing on time might only be $10,000 or 15,000.

Why would the IRS do that?

Well they like money and don’t like spending it on appeals, investigations, etc. They also might be saving money but not having it go into collections or getting pennies on the dollar from auctioning seized assets.


Tax attorney time.

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