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Hello. :)
I have autism and auditory processing disorder..
I am new to ridesharing and i’m looking for some advice.
I am getting service flags for Communication issues on both lyft and uber and all of them are related to people thinking But I am weird.
One rider reported that I was not polite but he got in the car and immediately said that I look like a serial killer.
The only thing I had said at that point was asking for his name and he spent the entire time insulting me..
He asked me why I was not very wanting to talk and just have a conversation because he liked to talk to his taxi drivers..
And i’m thinking in my head I don’t want to talk to you because you’re an a**.
I reported him after the ride and I always check my ratings after every ride and I called Uber about it. He gave a report saying I was not polite.
My experience so far with lyft and Uber support is that they don’t care whether or not the complaint is justified. All that matters is that the customer says moops.
At this point all I can think to do is put signs in the back of my car that say that I am disabled.
I also cannot really tell if people are talking to me when there are 3 or four people in the car. Because they don’t say my name. They just say hey man. And get angry when I don’t talk back.
All you have to do is say my name and I will respond but half the time people are talking they just start talking and I just assume They’re talking to their friends.
I feel like the terms of service for Uber and lift are contradictory on one hand they tell you that you have the right to tell them that you are not comfortable with the conversation but on the other hand if you don’t say anything. The customers will report you as rude and on one hand they expect you to entertain the customers with amazing conversations but don’t say anything that is going to upset the customer even though you have no idea who these People are or what upsets them.
Sure there are people out there who have these amazing talents to be able to navigate these things but why the heck would they work $15 an hour? To do that when they could go make a million dollars a year if you’re that talented with people.
Not single complaint has been put about my safe driving the cleanliness n
Of my car it is only that they just don’t like me.
Imagine you’re a driver and you’re a woman and someone walks gets in the car and says oh man I don’t want a driver that is a Woman well apparently people don’t want drivers that aren’t exactly like them Now seems to be the biggest complaint is that half the riders are karen’s

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