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Trip Radar Bait and Switcheroo timeout tactic VIPLANE

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Another new mean-spirited tactic Uber is using is what I call “Trip Radar Bait and Switcheroo”.

It almost always happens after I’ve declined one of Uber’s shitty offers. In my market it’s usually two declines and you get kicked offline. This means that in most cases the next offer that I decline will get me kicked offline.

Here’s how the bait and switcheroo works…

After I decline a ping something somewhat reasonable will appear on Trip Radar. I select it and it goes into limbo while the algo decides which driver to give it to. After waiting a few seconds some piece of shit ping will suddenly pop up that I decline or ignore. Immediately after that I get kicked offline and lose the Trip Radar offer that I had accepted.

I have real doubts whether that reasonable Trip Radar offer even existed.

It’s mean-spirited shit like this that makes me fantasize about the govt ****ing over Uber by declaring drivers as employees and hopefully putting that asswipe entity out of business.

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Spiteful vindictive Uber is doing “nyah nyah nyah you can’t have it” childish order-baiting taunts on Trip Radar VIPLANEUber programmers are dumb as dog shit VIPLANE

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