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Uber drivers strike at Taylor Swift in Tampa? VIPLANE

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Either that’s over exaggerated by WFLA or some of these ants finally get it? And then look at Uber’s response.

“Earnings for drivers on our platform remain high, with the average driver in Tampa Bay making $25 an hour while active on the app. We are also investing in incentives to help increase the number of drivers on the road this weekend to meet the anticipated high demand. All drivers receive the fare and destination information upfront before they accept a trip.”
Javi Correoso, Uber Spokesperson

Attention JAVI CORRESO, you’re an genuine IDIOT. And a pure example of what drivers can’t stand and why Uber needs to change. What a stupid grossly comment in weak defense of the real facts, not your [email protected]$ average canned response that means nothing.

This problem needs a solution not an excuse – idiot. Man up and fix the problem before your precious events end up with no driver support.

The best part about this post?

I know you would love ID me so you could suspend my driver account in retaliation for this post but the cool thing is, you don’t have the skills or creds to figure it out because you’re just a communications jockey, and a bad one at that, idiot.

Me 1, Javi 0

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Uber drivers strike during Taylor Swift concert VIPLANEReducing risks by avoiding fast food pickups VIPLANE

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