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Urgent help, can the Tesla y black 7-seater in Los Angeles be registered as an XL model for uber and lyft VIPLANE

VIP Chauffeur Service > Uncategorized > Urgent help, can the Tesla y black 7-seater in Los Angeles be registered as an XL model for uber and lyft VIPLANE


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Taking a good look at the model y.

Its too small.

In order to do this you really need to be able to handle the full capacity of your vehicle with adults. WITH LUGGAGE.

With a model Y I just don’t see it working out.

So as an XL vehicle here is what you”d be losing trying to use a model Y.
So you couldn’t take a party of 6 adults
you couldn’t take a party of 6 with luggage
you couldnt take anything involving lighting fast loading/unloading. (based on the speed it takes for him to crawl around to get into the back it’s not gonna work.

So nothing XL

involving the airport,
Nothing involving late night business
Nothing involving large venues

View attachment 702528

Exactly what fares do you imagine are left?

Shaniqua with her 5 children at walmart going 3/4 of a mile with 50 bags?

OH WAIT.. you probobly couldn’t fit that much groceries.

the Tesla model Y with the third row isn’t an option for XL

Another thing I need to point out, the tesla has a maximum weight load of 954 pounds. This is only 5 pounds more than the Toyota Camry which is already pushing the limit tad bit with 5 adults in the car.

Driver at 150 plus 6 adult passengers at 150 plus 50 pounds of luggage each..

150 plus 6 X 200 = 1350 pounds. (and that’s if you can actually clown car everyone in.

Which is 41% over the vehicles listed weight.

The model y is alredy a stupid heavy vehicle, and you’re looking to go 400 pounds (or more) over that?

This vehicle isn’t suitable for an XL. if it was cheaper it might make a decent X vehicle actually (without the third row option, with plently of cargo room and it would be roomy without the third row plus it’s electric.

A minivan is what you need to be XL. the Tesla Y with the third row is just no..

Just no.

These cars shouldn’t be classed as XL, at best you might be able to squeeze in 7 people, or 4 people with luggage. You can’t do both. You shouldn’t try.

it’s not an electric minivan, it’s can of sardines.

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