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Booking Agreement

VIP Chauffeur Service > Booking Agreement
  1. Waiting time pay will apply after the first 15 minutes of prearranged time described on the booking. Waiting time is 1 hour (domestic flights) and 1.5 hours (international flights). driver will make all attempts to contact client and leave after required waiting time finished. In the case if the client contact driver and asks him to wait longer then an extra waiting time charge will be added to the booking.
  2. Cancellation, No Show policy – There is a “3 hour prior” cancellation policy in effect for all arrivals, departures and transfers . Cancellation fee on all bookings made with credit cards are subject to a %6  charge. We must be notified 3 hours or more prior to receive a refund minus the credit card fee of %6.
  3. Hourly Bookings –  for hourly booking you must cancel 24 hours or more prior to the prearranged time described on the booking to receive a full refund minus the credit card fee of %6.
  4. All deposits are non-refundable. Company is not liable in the event of mechanical breakdown while on charter and will only be responsible for making up lost time at a mutually agreed date. The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the vehicle caused during the duration of the rental by them or any members of their party. A fee of 250.00 for each carpet or seat burn. Sanitation fee is 295.00. Alcohol Consumption and drug use is prohibited by law. Any fines will be paid for by the customer. The driver has the right to terminate run without refund (if there is blatant indiscretion on the part of the client(s). It is Illegal to stand through the sunroof. Smoking is not permitted in ANY of our vehicles. Not responsible for delays or the termination in winter caused by unsafe road conditions (ie. accidents, etc.). Not responsible for articles left in the vehicles. Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity.



  • Client hereby waives all claims against VIP LANE Limousine Service for loss or damages of any and all articles that are left in the vehicles. Client agrees to be liable for any damages incurred by any person in the group
    as a result of the client’s outing.
  • Please be advised that for your safety and the safety of others, our chauffeurs are to be given ample time for stops (i.e., rest rooms, unscheduled pick up’s or changes on destination). Opening and closing the doors of the limousine/bus is the responsibility of the chauffeurs at all times.
  • VIP LANE LLC cannot be held responsible in any way for traffic conditions, mechanical difficulty, or any unforeseen circumstances.  If the run is terminated early, all fees are deemed earned when paid. No refunds. No exceptions.

                                                                   Terms & Conditions of Limousine Service:

1. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside all vehicles.

2. Alcoholic beverages is not allowed inside all vehicles.

3. If a passenger feels ill, request that the chauffeur pull over immediately. Vomiting incidents are subject to fees as listed below & may include additional charges for cleaning or loss of business as a direct result of the incident.

4. Liability for any damages to the vehicle, which are caused by the passenger(s), shall be the sole responsibility of the client according to the damage rate schedule listed on the bottom of this form.

5. If ANY illegal activity, disorderly conduct, or verbal/physical abuse is suspected or occurs during service, VIP LANE LLC reserves the right to terminate service immediately. VIP LANE LLC Limousine Service reserves the right to terminate service regardless of location without return to point of origin. Upon termination of service the client remains liable for the entire balance of service total and releases Sal’s Limousine Service of liability at the time of termination.

6. Passengers shall remain completely inside the vehicle while the vehicle is in motion. No person shall stand out the sunroof or window. Violations are subject to the California Vehicle code, Section CVS 21712, subsection B; “it is unlawful for any passenger to have any part of his/her body out of the moon/sunroof or window at any time.” If the vehicle/driver is cited for CVC21712, the client shall be liable for the cost of the fine ($500) plus an additional $500.

7. VIP LANE LLC  Service has a $100.00 non-refundable deposit due at time of booking & a 2 week cancellation policy required for all chartered vehicles or full amount will be charged.

8.  All money will be collected at the beginning of the run.  All overtime will be billed in 1 hour to ½ hour increments depending on the size of the vehicle.

9. VIP LANE LLC  requires the passengers to remain seated while the vehicle is in motion. Passengers may stand on the party bus at their own risk. If during the course of the ride, any prohibitions mentioned above occur, the limousine chauffeur may terminate the ride immediately.

Damage Rate Schedule:

  • Missing/ Broken Glasses – $10.00 each
  • Missing/ Broken Decanters – $50.00 each
  • Excessive food/drink spills – $150.00 minimum
  • Disregard of No Smoking policy – $200.00 minimum
  • Excessive stains /vomit / infectious waste clean-up – $295.00 minimum
  • *Fees are suggested minimums & additional charges may be applied to your credit card or billed up to the actual cleaning cost.
  • Any vehicle damage not listed above will be charged at the actual cost.


Client Authorization; has read and understands the above terms & conditions, as well as the damage payment schedule. Client understands that the reserved limousine service is contingent upon my acceptance and adherence to these terms & conditions.