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    Repeat orders from UE VIPLANE

    I’m not sure if this qualifies as “clickbait”, but going to go ahead and post this just in case. ? Something annoying has started happening on UE. Used to be you decline a trip, and that’s the end of it. But starting a week or two ago, I’ve begun seeing the same trips two, three, even four times, though I’ve […]

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    Lyft investors call for more driver safety and ending founders 20x board voting power VIPLANE

    https://finance.yahoo.com/news/lyft-investors-call-more-safety-040000267.html Undeniable proof that Lyft is only about the founders. Source link

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    Defensive driving VIPLANE

    Vegas market , can apply to any market though . Today it saved me and my passengers lives . Intersection of spring mountain and Las Vegas Blvd . Truck trying to evade state trooper at high rate of speed , narrowly avoided it as I was doing speed limit , but gunned it and swerved to the right as I’d […]

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    Who Does Your Taxes? | Uber Drivers Forum VIPLANE

    Hello and good evening. I was curious…does anyone use one of the “well known” tax filing services to files their taxes for Ridesharing? If so, who is a good one? I would like to start my dialogue with them early. TIA. 1: Record your miles daily while out ridesharing including going home if run out of driving time or app […]

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    Fraudulent calls VIPLANE

    Drivers be aware I got a call from this one scammer and he pretend to be the Uber support and said he had a customer complaint saying I was drinking and driving. He said stay on the line until they get verification done. After an hour he said the verification is cleared and as being a good driver he wanted […]

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    Uber and Lyft fares could go up in Nevada if new state bill passes VIPLANE

    Uber and Lyft fares could go up in Nevada if new state bill passes Uber sent a letter to Clark County commission on Wednesday expressing concern the higher fares will lead to fewer drivers available for the 2024 Super Bowl. www.ktnv.com "We know that planning for the Super Bowl is already well underway; and we don't want you caught off […]

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    Grandma did not want pay for COD, and Dasher lost his sweat $$$ because Dasher did not collect. VIPLANE

    My nightmare about doing COD just comes sooner than I expect. Have no problem with COD orders in the past even if only did a few times. Thursday night, got another COD on some pizza order. Arrived at address, call was not answered, so I went knocked on the door. A young female over 20 YO answered the door. Explained […]

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    Uber once again "incorrect overpayment" my account VIPLANE

    That is twice in 3 weeks. First one wasn't much but the second one was a damn good chunk. If I were a conspiracy thinker, I see this happen again… Source link

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    Ratings – disabled | Uber Drivers Forum VIPLANE

    Hello. I have autism and auditory processing disorder.. I am new to ridesharing and i’m looking for some advice. I am getting service flags for Communication issues on both lyft and uber and all of them are related to people thinking But I am weird. One rider reported that I was not polite but he got in the car and […]

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    Ratings – Wow look at this pax rating VIPLANE

    I’ve had a lot of Indian business travelers – consultants or whatever – low rated, 4.7 range- and they’re perfectly friendly, courteous, and better than half have always tipped me. I’m a white guy. Sometimes if I get a low rated pax and we have time, I’ll ask if they take cars often, what have their experiences been, etc. I […]

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